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Socio-economy faculty

  1. Brief autobiography of the faculty dean

Dehkanov Narimon Burhonjonovich was born in Baymoq village, Chust district of Namangan region on February 21, 1984 in educated family. His nationality is uzbek, married and has got three children.

He studied at the faculty of History at Namangan State University during the periods of 2002-2006, and obtained bachelor’s degree. In 2006-2008 years, he studied Master’s in the field of 5A220201-homeland history; during the periods of 2008-2011he studied at PhD in the specialization of 07.00.01-history of Uzbekistan.  In years of 2011-2014, he was an instructor at the department of “History sciences”, senior instructor, and he has been dean of the faculty of Socio-economy since the tenth June of 2014.

He successfully completed his PhD in history sciences on the theme of “Historical experience of the development of member authorities of local state government in Uzbekistan in the periods of 1995-2010” in the specialization “Uzbekistan history”  at Specialized council on the number of K.067.02.12 under Uzbekistan National university on July two, 2012.

At present, more than fifty scientific articles, as well as two educational methodical manuals, one monograph and one scientific textbook have been published in scientific periodicals and theses, docent.

Homestay address:  home №32, Olmazor street,  Baymoq village, Chust district, Namangan region. Current homestay address: home №30, apartment 27/57, first small district, Namangan city.

Phone: (+99893) 943-00-41.


  1. Faculty dean’s email



  1. Telephones and faxes

Faculty address: home 2, B.Mashrab street, Namangan city, 711600

Phone: 69-227-03-83

Fax: 69-227-07-61


  1. Reception time

Reception time of the faculty dean: 15:00-17:00 o’clock on Friday


  1. List of dean’s deputies:

Deputies of the faculty dean:

Mallabaev Botirjon Bahtiyorovich (educational affairs)

Juraev Sherali Pulatovich (educational affairs)

Imomov Rustam Narzullaevich (the youth’s affairs)


  1. Brief history of the faculty

         Socio-economy faculty was established under the order of Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 15, 2011.

         The are the following  Bachelor’s and Master’s  fields in the faculty:

Bachelor’s fields:  5120300-History (states and regions),  5111600–National ideology, basics of spirituality and education of law, 5111000–Professional education (5230100–economics), 5610200–Organizing and managing the hotel economy,  5230100–Economics (on fields),  5610300–Tourism, 5120400–Archeology, 5350600–Library-information activity,  5220300–Archive, 5210100–Sociology,  

Master’s fields:  5A120301–history Uzbekistan, 5A120302–History, 5A111601–Teaching methodologies of socio-humanitarian sciences (basic of spirituality), 5A120401–Archeology, 5A230102–Economics.


  1. Brief information about the present fields of Bachelor’s and Master’s

In the fields of  bachelor’s :

The  are 958 students and  71 postgraduates in the faculty, and out of these there study 436 students at 5120300–history (states and regions), 33 students at 5120400–Archeology, 192 students at 5111600–National ideology, basics of spirituality and education of law, 65 students at 5111000–professional education (5230100–economics), 68 students at 5220300–Archive, 19 students at 5230100–Economics (on fields), 32 students at 5610300–Tourism, 31 students at 5210100–Sociology, 21 students at 5350600–Library-information activity, 61 students at 5610200–Organizing and managing the hotel economy,  28 students at 5610200–Organizing and managing the hotel economy, 24 MA students at the specialty of  5A120301–history  Uzbekistan, 9 MA students at the specialty of  5A120302–History, 17 MA students at the specialty of  5A120401–Archeology,  11 MA students at the specialty of  5A230102–Economics and 10 MA students at the specialty of 5A111601–Teaching methodologies of socio-humanitarian sciences (basic of spirituality).


  1. Information about an activity of the faculty

There are 100 professor-instructors at the faculty, and there of them are doctorates and professors, 36 are PhDs and docents as well as the other 61 are senior instructors and instructors. Besides, there are adequate educational materials in the faculty for the high quality educational process. There are also five lecture halls equipped with modern information technologies like projectors, computers, smart boards, as well as four small libraries established by the departments. The small museum of archeology is running in the faculty at the moment.

Socio-economy faculty of Namangan State University has got partnership contracts which are being carried out with History institute of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan National University, Tashkent State pedagogy university named Nizomiy, university of World economy and diplomacy, Andijan State university and Fergana State university to arrange personnel with scientific degrees, exchange experience with professor-instructors and conduct scientific researches.