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The Chair of Russian Language and Literature

Head of the department:  Head of the Department Ph.D., Assoc. Saidova M.Sh
Tel: 0369 – 227 – 18– 84
Mobile: + 99891 – 346 – 20– 57
Fax: 0369 – 227 – 18– 84 

Preparation of specialists of Russian language and literature in Namangan state University began in 1955. The first gradates graduated in 1960.During its existence more than 5500 highly qualified specialists were prepared. The chair of Russian language and literature of Namangan state University was formed in 1998 on the base of  Russian  linguistics chair, chair of Russian and foreign literature and interfaculty chair of Russian language. 

Nowadays, students of Russian language and literature department study in philology faculty of Namangan state University. In the chair the following teachers work such as: acting head of the chair М.Sh.Saidovа, docents K.N.Nasirov, F.A.Gabdulhakov, A.A.Abdurahmanov, E.V.Chjen, S.I. Kazakbaeva, E.O.Zinin,  teachers such as candidate of pedagogical sciences M.M Ismanova, R.F. Gabdulhakova, A.M.Ismatullaev, E.I.Akramova, R.K.Yusupova, H.E. Fayzullaeva, D.A.Islamova, Sh.A.Nabiyev.. 

The work with gifted students is led  on the proper level: students are involved in scientific works and participate with their reports, in regional and republic conferences and conferences in the University and other institutes.

Spiritual and educational work with students is actively held on. Devotion to the students,"The line graduates ", which is held every year, and also national holidays such as "Independence day", "Constitution day", "Nowruz", "The day of memory and honour" and others positively influence on  the students upbringing  the spirit National idea, conducing to the problems, put by National Program in preparation  of specialists.

Besides in the department there is  the club of talented youth "ZavernayaLira" (Lirik laxzalar) which is led by dotsents of the chair  K.N. Nasirov this club unites fans of literature, young poets and prosers (novelists) and also artists and musicians and    brings together lovers of literature, young poets and writers and artists and musicians of Namangan region.

The members of the chair  established partnership with Academic lytsuems  №1, №2, №3 of NamSU, with schools №1, №31 of Namangan city, Pap professional college of agriculture. The work with the following schools and colleges is carried on systematically.

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Address: Namangan city, Uychi str. 316

Reference: Namangan regional administration

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Postal Code: 160119
Site of: www.namdu.uz

e-mail: info@namdu.uz

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