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The chair of Archive study

Head of the chair – Sarimsakov Abdilatip Abdiraximovich, PhD

Adress: 716019 Namangan city, Ibrat street, home №13, building 11, floor 4, room 417.

Phone: (99893) 926-01-18

Fax: (8-369) 227-07-61



The department of archive studies was founded on the second of march 2015, at present the candidate of historical sciences A. Sarimsakov is leading it.

The department is mainly specialized in Bachelor (5220300) education in the field of archive study and history (5120300), history of countries and continents.

There are two candidates of historical sciences, eight senior teachers and other young teachers in the staff of the department. The scientific potential of the department is 20%.

The department of archieve studies set up corporative cooporation with 1 and 2 academic lyceums in the presence of NamSU, museum of study of native land and administration of archieve work in the Namangan region.

Scientific research works are mainly devoted to the political, social, economical and cultural development of Uzbekistan in the second half of the XIX century and at the beginning of the XXI century.

Some of the most important scientific publications of the staff of the department are as following:

1.Tarix tilga kirganda… Davriy to’plam №2.-Namangan, 2008.

2.Tarix tilga kirganda… Davriy to’plam №3.-Namangan, 2009.

3.Namangan tarixidan lavhalar. 1-kitob.- Namangan, 2010.

4.Tarix tilga kirganda… Davriy to’plam №4.-Namangan, 2012.

5.Fayzullayev T., Sarimsoqov A. Mustaqil O’zbekiston ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy rivojlanish yo’nalishlari (o’quv-uslubiy qo’llanma).- Namangan, 2013

6.Isoqov B. Tarqqiyotning qudratli qanoti.- Namangan, 2013.

7.Tarix tilga kirganda… Davriy to’plam №5.-Namangan, 2014.

8.Isoqov B. Bashariyatning boqiy bayrami.- Namangan, 2014.

9.Sarimsoqov A. O’zbeklarning taqvimiy marosimlari. (Fag’ona vodiysi matriallari asosida).-Toshkent: Yangi nashr, 2014.

10.Isoqov B. Mustaqillik-muzzam mas’uliyat..- Namangan, 2014.

There have been a very productive academic year with 6 foreign publications, 10 articles in republican scientific journals and conferences, and more than 20 scientific articles and thesis in he publications of the higher educational institutions in 2014-2015 academic year.



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